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Meet UK Life Coach Helena Bailey

About Helena

Helena is a UK life coach who specialises in coaching people in midlife, empowering them to successfully navigate midlife and everything it throws at us.


In 2013 Helena qualified as a UK based Co-Active Coach (CPCC) after studying with the Coaches Training Institute, recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), as the most rigorous coach training and certification programme in the industry. Since then, she has also gained ICF accreditation as a UK based Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


As a life coach for midlife Helena has made it her purpose to spread the word that the world needs women who have realised there is NO rule book or blueprint for loving, parenting, living or working.

If you are looking for a UK based mid life coach get in touch for an initial no-obligation chat to see how Helena could help you take control of your life.

UK Life Coach Helena Bailey

Work with a UK life coach that has been in your shoes

I have been where you are.  


This was me. I was never entirely gone, more missing in action, gone AWOL. . My spark was always inside me, glowing, waiting to be ignited again. But I sure as hell felt gone for a long time.... I had built a life that I thought I was supposed to build and was driven by ego... got a Degree, Masters, MBA, married the guy from Uni, great career, 3 kids, live-in nanny, social life - I never stood still long enough to look inwards.


I felt an unease inside me. But I silenced it - I squashed it. I decided to play it safe by keeping my insides hidden from myself and everyone else. I began to wonder if other women were using their skin to contain themselves.


Then it happened. Following a particularly stressful period at work and a long business trip I realised I had nothing left to give … at THAT moment I knew my truths.

This was the day, the moment, I decided to finally find my authenticity. I set free my fiery, unpolished, truly authentic self and yes, I was right about her power. It was too big for the life I was living.  I had listened to TED talks where others reporting a similar experience.  Authenticity is an unwieldy power - so I gradually dismantled every piece of my then-current existence and built a new life of my own.


Well, that sounds easy, doesn’t it?  It wasn’t - It was bloody hard, was it worth it? Hell Yes!


I left a career that I felt had run its course and stepped into something I feel the world needs - and the world NEEDS women who have stopped obeying the ‘ought to, should do, must do’ and have started trusting themselves.  They need women to paint In colour and step into their power. 

How did it take me 40 odd years to realise we are able to create our own normals and throw out the rule books?  I am now lucky enough to help women build the lives they want from the inside out, make the invisible become visible and dreams become plans.


Reframing – challenging perspectives, understanding your inner critic, turning long established cognitive patterns upside down. In short, I’ll challenge you to see things differently.


Re-imagining – exploring what’s possible, challenging you to think bigger, asking what makes you come alive


Re-igniting – finding that fierce courage and energy of a younger you and combining it with the wisdom you have now, to create an unstoppable force who is ready to make dreams happen.

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