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Life coaching for women
Reframing MidLife
Reimagining Dreams
Reigniting Purpose

A Life Coach For Midlife

Helena Bailey is an experienced life coach who specialises in coaching men and women just like you. She can help you rethink life, reimagine your dreams, and reignite your purpose. 


Navigating the choppy waters of midlife may have knocked you off track but you are not alone, it happens to thousands if not millions of midlife people every year. You could be having relationship problems, career problems, or just feeling you have lost your purpose after having children or going through a life-changing event. 

 Helena can help you discover that version of yourself, improving your confidence and helping you feel comfortable in your own skin.

To find out how life coaching could change your life or to understand the role of a life coach, contact Helena for a no-obligation chat.

helena bailey of phoenix coaching

How life coaching can help 

Anxiety &

Do you feel you are constantly stressed or overwhelmed by the amount on your plate?

Relationship Problems

Is communication breaking down? Are relationships strained or simply not working?

Career &

Looking to change career in your 40/50s?Challenges at work?

Purpose & Direction

Do you feel there must be something more? 


Struggling with the menopause, ageing parents, children leaving home?

helena bailey life coach for women



Improve your confidence, feel good about your self and your life.


Improve your relationships with loved ones, peers and colleagues.


Learn how to manage stress enabling you to reduce the stress you feel.


With the improvements you make, you can achieve the goals you set yourself.

Why People Choose Life Coaching In Midlife

I offer one-to-one coaching, in person or over Zoom. I am based in Cambridge, but have clients all over the world and coaching over Zoom works well.


Each session with me lasts 60-90 minutes and I ask that clients commit to a minimum of 5 sessions.  For some clients that is enough to set them on a new path, for others they prefer regular monthly conversations to keep them on track.


My coaching solutions are bespoke and no one package fits everyone.

The cost of 5 sessions is £800 or each individual session is £160.


This is the time to invest in yourself. What could be more important?

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

- Henry David Thoreau

women review their life coaching experience


"Helena has been in my corner urging me on and occasionally picking me up as I rediscover the woman I am and what brings me alive. Turning 50 was something of a watershed moment for me and I haven’t looked back. I have never felt more alive and vital. I have changed my parenting, my behaviour as a daughter and have a wholly different outlook. I can thoroughly recommend coaching with Helena - even if she does swear like a trooper!"

Victoria - Pembrokeshire

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