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I am not crazy about resolutions for the new year. They often come from a place of self loathing and berating yourself for the past. Generally I have found setting clear intentions and goals once the haze of Christmas and New Year has passed and there is space to reflect and dig a little deeper into motivation to be a more effective approach!

Having said that, there are couple of tricks you can use to give yourself the best chance of success.

First make sure you really really want it. What is it you are really craving? What will it do for you? How much do you want it?

Another tip is to release what has gone before. Forgive the past and honour the learning experiences you have had. It is. Important to release the past year, forgive ourselves and dive into the new year with positive energy and enthusiasm. This allows us to focus on forward movement.

This last point is not a tip but a mindset I have developed over time. When I’m setting my intensions for the year to come I also think about how I am going to measure them. The older I get the more I know for me it works to measure success by how much fun I am having. Happiness is undoubtedly an inside job. I make a conscious commitment to choose joy upon waking and consciously look for joy in all situations. Taste food, feel the power of a smile, become curious and find the imaginative child within and in turn create more joy. The benefit to my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is huge. Finding joy in your resolutions is a perceptive that really works!

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