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Resilience is your superpower

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

If 2020 reaffirmed anything to me, it is that resilience is a superpower for women in midlife. It is the must-have attribute that allows us to respond and adapt, even thrive, amid change and chaos. To survive the storms of life we need to plant our feet, holding us firm, as we bend and flex to the winds of change. If we bend, we don’t break.

As Victor Frankl said: “When we are longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”.

I am nearly 50. It has taken me two career changes, and two personal crises to really tap into my own resilience.And I am passionate about teaching my children its importance and helping my clients to lean into their own supply of resilience.

People grow when facing adversity. It is when we find our grit.

But how do we become more resilient?

It requires a combination of flexibility, resourcefulness, realism and optimism - it also requires us to be curious, carefree and courageous. We need courage to look the abyss and still be optimistic. The notion of being curious, courageous and carefree means tapping into the child within us. As we grow up we somehow silence these natural child like attributes and replace them with anxiety as we strive to perform.

It is time to tap into your superpower and rediscover that imaginative, naturally resilient women within and unleash that power in 2021.

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