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When did we forget how to please ourselves?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

I have three teenagers and pre-covid sleepovers and hangouts were a regular feature. I remember one evening my teens were watching a film, boys draped on the sofa, feet and limbs hanging off. Girls were arranged on the floor on cushions.

I stuck my head round the door and asked if anyone wanted pizza. The boys barely looked up - “yes please”. The girls were silent at first and I saw them scanning the faces of the other girls. They look at a friend’s face to discover if she is herself hungry. Essentially they are gathering consensus, researching - is it going to be permission or denial. WTF?! It is so sad.

It hit me like a train. The boys looked inside themselves. The girls looked outside themselves.

We forgot how to please ourselves. Now it see it in the lives of so many clients. Ladies, when did you stop pleasing yourself? This is why we live half hungry. No more. Now is the time to start looking inside and reshaping the next phase of your life. No more going hungry.

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